DDC Chairperson-Safeena Baig Wins Praise For Work Done in Her Tenure

Srinagar, 08 February (CNI): By Ashiq Tilgami the District Development Council Baramulla (DDC) Chairperson, Safeena Baig wins praise from locals for work done in her tenure, DDC Chairperson played an important role in the construction and development of Baramulla district, went house to house and village to listen to the problems of people and tried to solve them at an earliest and repaired and constructed the dilapidated roads which were in a dilapidated condition from last 30-40 years.

According to Current News of India (CNI), the District Development Council Baramulla (DDC) Chairperson and Haj Committee Chairperson, Safeena Baigh have made great efforts to fulfil the aspirations and demands of the people by carrying out public welfare works not only in their constituency but in the entire district of Baramulla.

She constructed and repaired the dilapidated roads that had been in devastating condition for the last thirty years, which facilitated transportation and make the travel of people easy. In addition, Safeena Baig repaired damaged transformers in 24 hours, while in several places she built receiving station to ease the sufferings of the common public from frequent power cuts.

Despite being a political leader, Safeena Baig acted as a public representative and sympathizer and has played an important role in solving issues of common people.

Fiyaz Ahmad from Tilgam Pattan told Current News of India (CNI), Our DDC Chairperson, went from house to house on foot in every village to listen their problems and solve them instantly, she full filed our all genuine demands especially the basic facilities like electricity and water problems.

According to Locals she also provides medical services in the area and did a lot of work even during the Covid and without any fear of her life she delivered medical services to the areas where people needed them most.

They added that Safeena Baig has also played a role in improving the life skills of a woman, and remains always available to help the needy people, further adding that if the political leaders work in the same way, there will be no problems for people anywhere in the Kashmir Valley. (CNI)

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