Scribe or spy, double agent or dost

Mumtaz Bhat

Scribe or spy, double agent or dost

Working as a Journalist in Kashmir means walking on razor’s edge.As the profession deals with bringing reality in front of people ,here in kashmir you will be considered always unreal , cheater and deceiver.I would like to share my recent experience when i was  covering a protest.When i came to the site where clashes erupted between security forces and protesters, i was treated as an agent by both the parties.I came from the side of protesters and they checked my id card and told me not to take their pictures and leave the site as soon as possible.After convincing them that i am neither an agent nor policeman ,i managed to go towards the security forces area.I inhaled the smoke of tear gas shells and by hustle tussle i reached the spot.I showed my id to the security forces and they allowed me to do my job. After a while i  requested security forces not to fire tear gas shells till i will reach the spot from where i can go my home back.They agreed and i am very thankful to them for that.But when i reached near protesters area they asked me to show photographs i had taken .Initially i refused but they compelled me by conscience as they started shouting at me and started labelling me as a double agent .I showed them pictures and some of them where deleted by them.After that they didn’t let me to go and forced me stay with them.I agreed because there was no one present at that time from media fraternity.I don’t blame them as there doubt was genuine but i blamed myself .When clashes got heat i managed to went towards police area and now security forces stopped me from doing my job.They told me why didn’t i left yet .I tried to tell the whole thing that happened to me but they don’t pay heed and prohibited me from taking pictures .I agreed with security forces and stoped doing my job but what irked me was the words that one of the  security force officials chanted repeatedly while seeing towards me” yeh to unko (protesters/stone pelters)ko bata  hai ki hum kitne bande hai aur kaha hai”and same word were told to me by  stone pelters,”Yeh toh police ka banda hai”.I was confused .I started suspecting myself.Was i a journalist  or agent ?Am i a stone pelter or policeman?Am i a journalist??I asked myself whole night ???Then finally i recalled the dialogue of a Noor movie “Apparently these things happen in journalism”..  and slept .
But the reason why i hate at that time myself was that there is no value and respect for journalism.I want to ask one question to both masses and security forces , if there will be no journalism what would be the medium through which your grievances would reach to authorities or you will clear you stand on anything ? Respect journalism and journalists and help us to disgrace and end propaganda and yellow journalism.

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