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Dialogue, not war, only way forward: Mukhtar Waza

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Dialogue, not war, only way forward: Mukhtar Wazap

Hurriyat Leader and the Chairman Of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League Mukhtar Ahmad Waza on Thursday asked India and Pakistan to desist from warmongering saying dialogue,not war, was the way forward. He warned that even a spark could set afire the entire subcontinent as India and Pakistan were nuclear powers.

Waza in a statement issued to press said, “The India government should understand that talking of war and strikes and this and that will not solve anything. Wars have not solved the issue, but complicated it,” he said.

He said Wars were fought in the past also,History is witness that even after deadly wars were fought, the final solution to the disputes was found by means of dialogue with all parties on the negotiation table ,” Waza said.

“Leadership and people of Kashmir greatly urge India and Pakistan not to escalate the situation and desist from warmongering which will be a disaster for the entire region. We ask both governments that as in the past, escalation and war can never resolve the issues between them, and talking to one another is the only way forward,” he said.

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