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Pattan’s wanigam payeen residents facing water shortage, Appeals LG to redress problem

Bhat Yasir

Baramulla 12, June (CNI) : The population of approx 3000 people are facing acute water shortage as the lone source of water has damaged due to heavy winds in Wanigam Payeen Pattan village of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

According to news agency Current News of India- CNI, the Wanigam Payeen residents has said that the irrigation water canal, where from the Jal Shakti department gets the water for village which is supplied through pipes is the lone source of water to whole village has got damaged due to heavy winds yesterday.


Picture of damaged irrigation canal

Residents said that the poplar tress which were planted on the edge of water canal has fall down from roots which led to heavy damage to water canal.

A local Panch namely Mohd Yousf Khan has told that due to the negligence of Jal Shakti (PHE) department the whole population is facing water shortage. He alleged that although the contractor of languishing scheme project has dumped the pipes in the village before months for the installation at Spring at another place through which the water will be supplied to village, but unfortunately the said department has failed to complete the departmental work.

He also alleged that “we have already requested the concerned department to install the pipes through the same canal but unfortunately department never took it serious”.

Locals of the area alleged that if the concerned department had installed the pipes on time, they wouldn’t have faced the acute water shortage.

When Current News of India – CNI contacted AEE PHE Pattan, he said that before 15 days he has been posted there and don’t have information about this. “I will look into this matter, will try to solve early”, he added to CNI.

Concerned J.E PHE told CNI that the project under the languishing scheme is under process and the contractor is facing some problems. He added that they are trying to complete the departmental work at the earliest.

When CNI tried to contact Chief Engineer PHE he didn’t respond to repeated calls and text messages. The story will be updated when the CE will reply to queries.

Meanwhile, the locals of the area has appealed LG J&K Manoj Sinha, Chief Engineer Jal Shakti (PHE) department, DC Baramulla to solve their problem as soon as possible so that they can feel some sort of relief.(CNI)

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