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The Sentiment of Sharing and Caring in Ramadan must be lived round the Year. Sayyed Karar Hashmi 

The Sentiment of Sharing and Caring in Ramadan must be lived round the Year. Sayyed Karar Hashmi



The Socio-Political Activist and Student of Islamic Seminary Qom Sayyed Karar Hashmi in a message on Sunday congratulated world Muslims on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr on Monday.Also expressed hope that Muslims all over the world soon witness further friendship and unity and prayed his best wishes for peace, prosperity and security to the entire world, requesting people across the globe to join hands to build a future where violence, hate and terrorism no longer exist.


In a message Karar Hashmi said “that simplicity in celebrating any festival shows existing of maturity and human values in society. In our vacinities, where people are not able to feed their children two times a day, don’t have proper roof over their heads and are deprived of basic necessities, how can’t an individual thinks over it shuns extravagancy. We have forgotten the true essence of Eid and transformed it into a carnival of extravagances. Eid celebrations always demand simplicity.Everybody must ensure to give out the Zakat al-Fitra or the obligatory act of charity, to those in need before the Eid prayer. One should normally himself identify desired family of one’s locality and act accordingly.This act of caring for the members of our society represents the true spirit of Islam. While Eid marks the end to Ramzan, but this sentiment of sharing and caring for people must be lived round the year now.”



“It makes obligatory upon us to celebrate Eid with simplicity and give charity to those in need, celebrate and share sympathy with those people who have been badly affected in their lives and needs our visit and help. Appealed Shopkeepers to desist from over charging from customers as It has been observed that in the eve of special occasions shopkeepers resort to Loot common people.” Sayyed Karar added

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