Lone Girl Represent J&K: Palhallan’s Class 10th Girl Athlete Got 4th Position at Patna

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Srinagar, 21 February (CNI): The only girl representing Jammu and Kashmir in an athletics competition, from the Palhallan area in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, got fourth position in an athletic competition held at Bihar Patna organized by the Federation of India.

According to Current News of India (CNI), The young athlete, Saniya Rasheed from the Palhallan area in Baramulla district, is studying in class 10th at Spring Dales public school in Palhallan, made whole pattern town pride by her tremendous performance in a competition outside the valley.

Abdul Rashid, her father told through the mic of Current News of India (CNI) “I feel proud that my daughter got the opportunity to represent Jammu and Kashmir UT and show her skills in Bihar Patna Competition at a very tender age and with the grace of almighty Allah she got fourth position in first attempt”.

Being a girl, Saniya proved to be very determined, dedicated and honest towards her mission to become professional which paved the way to her great success, he added.

Saniya Rashid told Current News of India (CNI) that her journey was not so easy as she struggled with a horrible battle as a sports girl, She says that I was passionate about athletics from childhood and learned athletics with her coach, Arif Ahmad from pattern Baramulla.

Adding that, after attending coaching and camps, I started taking part in athletic competitions in different districts of the valley and won a number of medals at the district level as well as the state level.

She further said that I will work harder to represent Jammu and Kashmir in National level athletics competitions and get first positions for my country, adding that my desire is to become a professional player, To keep ourselves fit and healthy and to remain away from drugs, there is a need to take part in sports activities,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party’s Youth leader, Javid Iqbal also congratulated her on her success and said that she deserves to get better avenues and training to compete at National and International level competition in order to bring Laurels to our Nation. (CNI)

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