Making Medical Treatment affordable for every citizen of Country is among the highest priority of our government: PM Narendra Modi

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Srinagar, 06 March (CNI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi Says about making affordable medical treatment for every citizen of the country is the highest priority of our government, adding that the Covid pandemic has brought global attention to health, while India has gone step further and focused on wellness and staying healthy.

According to Current News of India (CNI), while addressing a post-budget webinar on the topic of “Health and Medical Research”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this is the 9th webinar in the series of 12 post-budget webinars organized by the government so that the central budget ideas and suggestions can be sought for the effective implementation of the initiatives announced in 2023. Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that hygiene can be seen in terms of the system before and after the global pandemic. He said that the global epidemic has also tested prosperous countries.

He further said that this pandemic has focused global attention on health, while India has taken a step forward to focus on wellness and staying safe. This is why we have presented one planet, one health to the world.

“It includes overall hygiene for all creatures, mankind, animals and plants,” he said. Making medical treatment affordable for all has been the highest priority of our government. He said that thanks to Ayush Maan Bharat and Jan Ushadhi schemes, the poor and middle-class patients have saved more than one lakh crores of rupees.

Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission is not only adding new hospitals but also developing a new and complete healthcare ecosystem.

“Technology focus in the hygiene sector is a huge opportunity for manufacturers and will strengthen our efforts towards hygiene for all,” he added. (CNI)

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