People of J&K want employment, Better Business Units and love, but they got “BJP’s bulldozer”: Rahul Gandhi’s make criticism on BJP

Srinagar, 12 February (CNI): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi while Criticizing the BJP for its ongoing anti-encroachment campaign in Jammu and Kashmir, said that people in the Union Territory want jobs, better business and love, but instead they got “BJP’s Bulldozer”.

According to Current News of India (CNI), Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticized the BJP government against for bulldozing in Jammu and Kashmir.

Rahul Gandhi wrote a tweet in Hindi that reads Jammu and Kashmir wanted employment, better business and love, but what did they get?  The bulldozer of BJP!  The Congress former chief said that the land, which people had nurtured for years with their hard work, is being taken away from them right now.

He said that peace and Kashmiris will be preserved not by dividing the people but by uniting them. Gandhi also tagged a media report which claimed that the eviction campaign created a panic atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir. 

It should be noted that there is an ongoing campaign against land grabbing in Jammu and Kashmir, on which major political parties like Congress, National Conference and PDP have expressed their reservations against this campaign and demanded its immediate end. (CNI)

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