People Suffer In Absence of Overhead Footbridge Outside Children’s Hospital Bemina

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Srinagar, 08 March (CNI): Patients, as well as attendants, are facing immense hardships in absence of an overhead bridge outside the Children Hospital Bemina, an associated hospital of GMC Srinagar.

According to Current News of India (CNI), a number of attendants visiting the Children’s hospital Bemina are facing immense hardships on daily basis in absence of an overhead footbridge, compelling people to cross the road in a jiffy posing risk to their lives.

They said that the overhead footbridge is the need of the hour, as two persons from north Kashmir died today morning after being hit by an ambulance while crossing the road as the road remains busy with a huge flow of traffic.

An Overhead bridge should be constructed on an immediate basis same as the one constructed near JVC hospital so that attendants and patients didn’t suffer more in future.

Attendants as well as patients said that authorities should take note of this issue, as there are always chances of a road accident, they demanded the construction of an overhead bridge outside the hospital. (CNI)

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