Steps were taken for the welfare of the backward sections of the country, Govt is determined to fulfil the aspirations of Dalits and Tribals: Arjun Munda

Srinagar, 13 February (CNI): Central government has said that various measures have been taken for the welfare of the backward sections of the country and to advance them at all levels so that they get the benefit of every right.

According to Current News of India (CNI), the Ministry of Tribal Affairs today organized a workshop on Good Governance for District Collectors and Project Officers (ITDA) of Scheduled Areas at the Civil Service Officers Institute in New Delhi today 13th Feb 2023.

More than 90 District Collectors and Project Officers from Scheduled areas of ten States participated in the workshop and shared their experiences on gaps in policy and implementation, making recommendations/suggestions to fill the same through mutual learning in their regions.

Union Minister for Tribal Affairs Shri Arjun Manda attended the event as Chief Guest and participated in the workshop, Arjun Munda said on the occasion that “We have gathered here for the purpose of discussing the issues of protection, promotion and development of scheduled tribes in the scheduled areas to reach their desired goal.”

It is important for us to understand, prioritize and be culturally sensitive to the role of Scheduled Tribes and Notified Scheduled Areas, and ensure justice to redress this historical injustice, which is indicated in the preamble of the Forest Rights Act.

All-inclusive development of villages should be linked with FRA, PESA, STC, ITDA, Panchayat and tribal roles, district Collectors should emphasize the eradication of sickle cell disease from tribal areas,they should put their mind, heart and soul to ensure that the allocation of STP and TSP budget is tailored to the tribal population and effectively utilized at the ground level.

Institutional development must go hand in hand with ownership, it is time to ensure awareness of the scheme at the grass root level, We must work to turn our weaknesses into our strengths, So, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the central government with the mantra of ‘Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas, Sab Ka Vishwas and Sab Ka Prayas’ is committed to fulfilling the aspirations of the deprived poor, Dalits, backward people and tribals for centuries. (CNI)

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