Stop Your activities, US Allies ready for War, Which could be Devastating: America’s open threat to China and Korea

Srinagar, 10 February (CNI): The United States has warned China and North Korea that if they didn’t limit their activities, the United States is ready for war with the help of other supporting countries and this war can be very destructive.

As per the monitoring of Current News of India (CNI) American general has said that American forces and their allies in Asia are ready for war, after years of joint war exercises. The United States said that the ongoing war exercises by the allied countries have become a strong military force.

Major General Joseph Ryan said that Russia’s failures in Ukraine should serve as a warning to potential Asian aggressors such as China and North Korea. He adds that US allies including the Philippines, Japan and Australia have shown that they are tied together and will not support the aggression of countries here that have decided that they want to change the system.

The 30-nation military alliance, which includes mostly European countries, pledges to defend each other against external aggression.  According to General Ryan, the network of US treaty-based alliances and defence partnerships in the region provides regional security to sustain the international order.

The commanding general of the U.S. Army’s Hawaii-based 25th Infantry Division, Ryan is in Manila for talks with his Philippine counterparts ahead of two annual large-scale combat exercises. The exercises, to be held in March and April, will include live-fire exercises and land, sea and air assault exercises involving thousands of American and Filipino troops. In an interview with the Associated Press, the U.S. general said he was deeply moved by what he had personally seen from our allies and partners in the region and we are very confident about the way they had all come together in response to aggression by China and North Korea.

The Philippines is America’s oldest ally in Asia, where the largest Naval and air force bases are outside the US mainland. The Philippines has allowed large numbers of U.S. forces to stay in “rotating bases” and to pre-target weapons and store ammunition at its nine military bases under a 2014 defence agreement.  The decision to allow was announced last week during the visit of US Defense Secretary Lyod Austin to Manila.

Washington has strengthened alliances in the broader Asia-Pacific region to counter growing threats from China and North Korea. China rejects US-led military exercises in coastal areas facing the South China Sea. Beijing claims virtually the entire region as its own and has accused Washington of meddling in Asian conflicts.

China has also alleged that the US is dangerously militarizing the region by regularly deploying its naval warships and jet fighters, the large-scale exercises by US and Philippine forces including coastal Philippine provinces near the disputed South China Sea, where China has taken increasingly aggressive steps to consolidate its territorial claims. The Northern Luzon region is also among the places that lie across Taiwan’s narrow maritime border. (CNI)

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