The number of Deaths of Security forces decreased by 60 per cent, civilians by 83 per cent under PM Modi’s Government

Srinagar, 21 February (CNI): Union Home Minister Amit Shah while announcing that the Special Powers of the Army (AFSPA) will be completely abolished from Nagaland in the next three to four years, he emphasized that the Naga peace talks are ongoing and expressed hope that The initiative taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring lasting peace in the northeastern state will be fruitful. He added that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, the deaths of security forces have also reduced by 60 Per cent While the deaths of civilians have decreased by 83%, and peace has been established in the entire country.

According to the Monitoring Desk of Current News of India (CNI), while addressing an election rally in Tuensang, Home Minister Amit Shah said that there are some issues related to the development and rights of Eastern Nagaland and they will be resolved after the assembly elections.

He said that there was an insurgency in Nagaland before 2014. We had started the peace process, I hope Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative will be fruitful in bringing lasting peace to the state along with the preservation of Naga culture, language and tradition.

Stressing that several steps were taken in the last nine years of BJP’s rule at the Center to bring peace in the Northeast, he claimed that during my Government there were 70 per cent less in violent incidents in the said region.

He said that under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government, security forces deaths have also decreased by 60 per cent, while civilian deaths in the Northeast have decreased by 83 per cent. Noting that the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 has been removed from large parts of Nagaland by the BJP government.

He hoped that this law would be removed from the northeastern state in the next three to four years. He adds that more than 100 development projects have been finalized, including 13 in Nagaland, of space technology and it has been finalized after extensive studies using space technology. (CNI)

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