Tourism Sector Record On Rise With 1.84 Crore Tourists visited to J&K Year: 2022

With the Slogan “Vikas Bhi Aur Virasat Bhi” under the guidance of PM Modi, the country is on the path of development

After the Abrogation of Article 370-Peace prevailed which increased trade and tourism: G Kishon Reddy

Srinagar, 17 February (CNI): Amid efforts to promote tourism activities in Jammu and Claim a record number of tourists in 2022, Union Tourism Minister, G Kishon Reddy said that 1.84 crore tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir for the first time in 2022, Which is the explanation that after the cancellation of Article 370, peace was established there, and as a result, trade and tourism increased.

According to Current News of India (CNI), while addressing a press conference in Delhi, Tourism Minister G Kishon Reddy said that “the country is on the path of development under the guidance of Prime Minister Modi with the mantra of ‘Vikas Bhi Aur Virasat Bhi’.

He said that the tourism sector is continuously reaching new heights, Stating that tourism in Jammu and Kashmir has broken all records, Union Tourism Minister G Kishan Reddy has said that 1.84 crore tourists visited the Union Territory in the year 2022.

For the first time, 1.84 crore tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir in 2022. He said there was peace after the abrogation of Article 370, and as a result trade and tourism increased.

In January 2020, Leh had an average of 74 flights per week, which increased to 160, Similarly, Srinagar had an average of 304 flights per week in January 2020, which later increased to 632 in October year 2022.

He said that the country is achieving new heights in the tourism sector and the government is working on it, reddy adding that 76.8 lakh foreign tourists visited India in 2014 and this number increased to 1.09 crore in 2019, affected during the Corona crisis, but the number increased to 6.1 lacks in 2022. In 2023, our target is to make it one crore. G Kishan Reddy said that the Ministry of Tourism is working on Swadesh Darshan and Prasad schemes. (CNI)

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