Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Death Toll Rises to 21,051 tremors also felt in Jordan and Cyprus

Srinagar, 10 February (CNI): The earthquake of 7.9-magnitude in Turkey and Syria claimed the lives of thousands of people and thousands more have been injured and thousands still are under debris while rescue operations still going on.

As per the Current News of India (CNI), the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria claimed around 21,051 lives and thousands are injured, the aftershocks of this earthquake were felt across the region including Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and Iraq.

According to recent reports, so far, 14 thousand people in Turkey and 3 thousand people in Syria died due to a devastating earthquake and the number of injured people are being shifted to hospital and injured came out from the debris is also being shifted to hospital.

The Turkish Health Minister said that 8 thousand people buried under the debris have been rescued while the search for more is going on and the death toll is expected to increase. He said that 380,000 displaced citizens have been provided shelter.

Turkish President, Erdogan has announced a week of mourning throughout the country, during which the national flag will fly, while educational institutions will remain closed. 

The Turkish president also announced a state of emergency in the 10 most affected provinces for three months, The Turkish president said while visiting Gaziantep province that more than 63 thousand people have been injured by the earthquake while more than 6400 buildings have been destroyed.  Expressing his determination, he said that three to four-story buildings will be built in the earthquake-affected areas within a year.

The American Geological Survey says that the magnitude of the earthquake that occurred between Sunday and Monday night is a record scale, the width was 7.9 and the depth was 17.9 Kilometres, The epicentre of the earthquake was near Nardavi in ​​the south-eastern province of Gaziantep in Turkey. Some Strong tremors were also felt in Jordan, Syria and Cyprus. 

Buildings in other countries including Turkey and Syria became piles of rubble due to the very strong earthquake. On the second day of the destructive earthquake,  reports said that hundreds of people are still buried under the debris, due to which the authorities are fearing for further increase more causalities. (CNI)

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