1,644 LS poll candidates have criminal cases against them: ADR

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New Delhi,(CNI): Of the 8,337 candidates contesting in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, as many as 1,644 have criminal cases registered against them, according to an analysis of the data shared by the poll rights body Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).


Among these candidates, 1,188 face serious criminal charges, including allegations related to murder, attempted murder, crimes against women and hate speech.


In phase 1, out of 1,618 candidates analysed, 252 have criminal cases and 161 serious criminal cases.


In the second phase, 1,192 candidates were analysed with 250 of them facing criminal charges and 167 serious criminal cases.


In phase 3, out of 1,352 candidates, 244 have criminal cases and 172 serious criminal cases.


Phase 4 had the highest number — of the 1,710 candidates analysed, 360 have criminal charges against them and 274 serious criminal charges.


Phase 5 included 695 candidates, of which 159 have criminal cases and 122 serious criminal cases.


In phase 6, out of 866 candidates analysed, 180 have criminal cases and 141 have serious criminal cases.


In phase 7, 199 out of 904 candidates face criminal charges and 151 have serious criminal cases against them.


Overall, affidavits of 8,337 candidates out of a total of 8,360 candidates were analysed by the ADR.–(CNI)

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