3 Major Nations Announce To Recognise Palestinian State

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Gaza: (CNI MONITERING )In a major breakthrough for Palestine, withstanding Israeli onslaught, Norway, Ireland and Spain announced that they will recognise the Palestinian state. The move by the nations has prompted Israel to immediately recall its envoys, AFP reports.


Ireland’s leader said his nation would recognise Palestine as a state but did not specify timing, while leaders of Norway and Spain said their nations would do so as of May 28.


Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store made the announcement in Oslo, Spain Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in Madrid and Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris in Dublin.


Israel immediately announced it was recalling its envoys to Ireland and Norway for “urgent consultations”.


“Today, I am sending a sharp message to Ireland and Norway: Israel will not go over this in silence,” Foreign Minister Israel Katz said in a statement, adding that he planned to do the same with he Spanish ambassador.


The Israeli foreign ministry had earlier posted a video message addressed to Ireland on the social media platform X warning that “recognising a Palestinian state risks turning you into a pawn in the hands of Iran and Hamas”, adding the move would “only fuel extremism and instability”(CNI MONITERING)

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