78 Killed In Record-breaking Rains In China, 140-Year-Old Flood Record Broken

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The death toll has risen to 78 in record-breaking rains in northern parts of China.

According to CNI, an international news agency has reported that a 140-year-old record has been broken on August 2 in the rains in the northern provinces of China as a result of Cyclone Doxori, and the rains are still continuing intermittently.

Low-lying areas were inundated and floods swept away everything in their path. Dozens of people were affected in several parts.

The death toll has risen to 78, of which 29 people died in Hebei province alone, while 16 people are still missing and the search is on. Several days old bodies are being found during the relief work.

According to local media, about 4 million people were affected by the flood in Hebei province and 40 thousand 900 houses were destroyed.

The Chinese government has set aside a billion yuan budget to compensate residents. According to the state-run Danhua news agency, the fund will cover damage to crops, animals, poultry farms, houses and agricultural machinery.

China Meteorological Department has forecast more rains, floods and storms across the country in the coming days.(CNI)

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