Aim of public durbar is to get to root cause of problem, create confidence among people: DGP Swain

Srinagar : Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police RR Swain said that the purpose of conducting public durbar is to directly reach out to the people and get to the root cause of the problem and create confidence among the people.

Talking exclusively on the sidelines of his maiden public durbar in Srinagar, the DGP said that police by definition is a service, it is first a service then a force so the idea is directly to reach out to the people and create that confidence, so there is a messaging and substantive angle to it.

He said that the substantive angle is that he would directly come to know about the nature of the problems, so that puts them in a better position to deal with.

“There is little doubt that we have a special situation in Jammu and Kashmir, we have a situation where overall environment was vitiated by violence and conflict and very organised group of people who are resorting to violence at a scale and for a purpose, which ordinarily is not faced by police anywhere in the country or anywhere else in the world,” he said.

According to the News Agency Current News of India (CNI) that the DGP said that because of this special situation police obviously have to take a different way of operating. “When you have someone with a gun standing at your door, what would you do, you will kill him and then only can talk, but at the same time you have to see who is behind him, who made him to pick up this gun as he is just a pawn, he is not the person who is deciding and running this terrorism as movement and a kind of a business enterprise.

He is merely a foot soldier, but anywhere in the world police have to deal with this element first, who has a gun in his hand and is beyond redemption, so we are mindful of it.”

He further said that first when you deal with it, get hold of it and at the same “we have this feeling that with changing situation we have to get to its roots and save the youth who have gone astray, so police is a force which is committed to save lives at the end of the day. But how would you do that, by preventing the recruitment in the first place.”

He said that whatever steps they will have to take for this they will do that. “We will treat the disease the way it is treated, if there is 25 percent of harm, we will deal with it accordingly. When you treat cancer, you always don’t go for chemotherapy, but you do different procedures according to the situation of the patient.”

He further emphasised that they would like to treat people differently. “Those youth who still want to come back, we will take a separate initiative for them. But those who are not even ready to listen and think, and who are using it as a trade and economic activity, we deal with them strictly.(CNI)
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