Amit Shah Hails PM Modi’s Historic Third Consecutive Term Victory in NDA Parliamentary Party Election

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DELHI (CNI)Amit Shah congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on being elected as the leader of the NDA parliamentary party today. This historic moment marks a new era in Indian politics, as Modi Ji will be taking the oath for a third consecutive term, with a larger mandate than ever before.


Shah praised Modi’s unwavering commitment to empowering the youth, farmers, and women of India, stating that these priorities will continue to be the key focus of the NDA government. He also highlighted the significant progress made under Modi’s leadership in the last five years, including major economic reforms, infrastructure development, and initiatives to improve the lives of all citizens.


The election of Modi as the leader of the NDA parliamentary party has been met with widespread celebration among party members and supporters, who see this as a testament to his strong leadership and the faith that the people of India have in his vision for the country. The stage is now set for Modi to take oath as the Prime Minister for a historic third term, and the journey towards a stronger, prosperous India continues.(CNI)

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