Analysation of Coming Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly Elections Viza– Viz Kashmiri Pandits and others

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Jammu : Although I had not planned to write about the upcoming JK state Assembly elections at this time,when formation of collation government at the center in on cards, but the recent notice from the Election Commission regarding the issuance of symbols to political parties and prospective candidates, coupled with the encouragement of my friends and supporters, has prompted me to do so.

The recent parliamentary elections in Kashmir have provided clear insights into the prevailing mood and sentiments among the Kashmiri populace. Despite substantial efforts by the Union Territory Government of Jammu and Kashmir, the Central Government, and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), including numerous initiatives to boost local resources and infrastructure, the majority sentiment remains hostile towards Indian and pro-Indian entities.

Kashmiri-based parties like Apni Party (AP) led by Altaf Bukhari and the People’s Conference (PC) led by Sajjad Lone, which received direct and indirect support from the BJP, faced significant setbacks. They struggled to secure their security deposits in all three constituencies of Kashmir, highlighting the pervasive discontent towards pro-India forces. In contrast, pro-separatist parties such as the Awami -e -Ittihad Party ( AIP) of Separatist Rashid Engineer ,National Conference (NC) led by Farooq Abdullah and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by Mahabooba Mufti garnered substantial voter support despite their dynastic, corrupt and controversial histories.


This electoral outcome calls for a serious introspection of the BJP’s strategy in Kashmir. The dismal performance of BJP-supported local parties underscores the need for a reassessment of their approach ahead of the upcoming state elections. The potential resurgence of pro-separatist parties like NC and PDP poses significant risks. If these forces regain power, it could lead to a resurgence of the issues seen in the 1990s, including increased local militancy, corruption, and a weakened law and order machinery. The resettlement and rehabilitation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits, a critical issue, may also face insurmountable challenges.


The election of a separatist figure like Rashid Engineer, currently jailed for serious anti-national activities, further emphasizes the volatile and serious political climate. The overwhelming support for such candidates raises concerns about the efficacy and advisability of conducting state assembly elections under current conditions. It is imperative for the current administration and the BJP to ponder whether these elections would serve the national interest, given the predominant pro-separatist sentiment among the Kashmiri Muslim majority.The BJP leadership should also review the functioning of its cadre and activists in Kashmir following recent parliamentary election developments.


In light of these developments, it is crucial for the central and state governments, along with nationalist parties, to deeply introspect and reconsider their strategies. The primary focus should be on ensuring that any forthcoming electoral processes do not undermine the stability and national interests of the country. Strategic adjustments are necessary to address the complex socio-political dynamics of Kashmir and to prevent a regression to the turmoil of the past.

In light of this, I wish to express my intentions and thoughts about the elections. The current critical political situation, along with the formation of the coalition government at the center, necessitates careful consideration of our strategies and decisions.

I believe it is essential to weigh these factors seriously as we move forward in this electoral process. I am committed to making thoughtful and strategic choices that will best serve our country, community and uphold the democratic values we all cherish.


As regards displaced Kashmiri Pandits ( Migrants) and upcoming Kashmir Assembly elections are concerned, the displaced Kashmiri Pandits should temper their enthusiasm and expectations until they are properly resettled and rehabilitated according to their preferences. Premature eagerness may harm the cause of the displaced Kashmiri Pandit community. Some overly ambitious, power-hungry activists connected to various political parties directly or in directly might pursue personal gains, but they should not do so at the expense of the community’s interests. It is crucial to prioritize the collective welfare and rights of the displaced Kashmiri Pandits in this critical period.

“Just to ponder seriously by all,so not to be repented in future by us all “. CNI


[ Kundan Kashmiri]

Kashmir watcher & President Kashmiri Pandit Conference ( KPC )

Mobile No 880 2167955

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