Annoying creator booked under PSA

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Poonch, March 27:(CNI) In a proactive move to tighten grip on notorious troublemakers and maintain public order, the Poonch district police has detained one such person under the Public Safety Act (PSA). Mir Mohammad Chaudhry, son of Lal Hussain and resident of village Gohlad, tehsil Mendhar, district Poonch, has been identified as a habitual troublemaker who poses a major threat to the peaceful existence of society.


Mir Mohammad Chaudhary has demonstrated the behavior of adopting various tactics to spread terror and fear in the society. His actions have posed a serious threat to public safety and peace. In order to prevent further criminal activities prejudicial to public order, the District Police Poonch, in pursuance of the detention order obtained from the District Magistrate, Poonch, took necessary steps to detain Mir Muhammad Chaudhary under the PSA have done littel is pertinent to highlight that Mir Mohammad Chaudhary has been implicated in criminal cases under the jurisdiction of Police Station Mendhar, specifically involving criminal intimidation.


District Police Poonch is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all residents.

This arrest shows the determination of the law enforcement authorities to deal with those who disrupt the peace and harmony of the society.(CNI)

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