Army carried Out an Emergency Delivery of Pregnant lady at Sadhna Pass Kupwara

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Kupwara, 18 May (CNI): Indian Army which always leading the efforts to assist those in need came to the aid of a pregnant woman at Sadhna Pass in Kupwara district, wherein the Indian Army medical staff sprung into timely action and assisted in emergency delivery ensuring the safety of both mother and newly born child.

As per the official statement issued here to Current News of India (CNI) reads that a lady (name withheld) of Tangdhar was referred by medical authorities of Tangdhar as a critical patient and was taken in ambulance towards Kupwara. The movement of the critical patient was expedited at Sadhna Pass.

However, after few minutes the ambulance returned to Sadhna Pass since the lady went into labor and the medical staff accompanying the patient were experiencing difficulties in conducting the procedure as unforeseen complications emerged during the delivery. The Indian Army medical staff at Sadhna Pass was approached and was co-opted in the procedure.

The statement further reads that the well trained Indian Army medical staff with experience showed great resilience and carried out delivery in time thereby bringing joy to the anxious family members.

The baby girl was named ‘Sadhna’ by her parents in recognition of the location and to honour the efforts of Indian Army. The heartwarming action by the Indian Army has once again exhibited reassurance of unconditional support to the citizens of Kashmir.

Meanwhile the releaved parents and relatives of the newly born child conveyed their gratitude which had left indelible mark in their memories since Sadhna was born at Sadhna top under the guardians of Sadhna Pass, statement reads. (CNI)

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