‘Art in Life Foundation’ Conducts Art Workshop at Boys Middle School Wanigam Baramulla

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Srinagar, 13 May (CNI) : The Art in Life Foundation (AILF), which is development initiative of JK Policy Institute JKP), Conducted its first art workshop of the session on Friday at Boys Middle School wanigam Bala in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, introducing students to the basics of drawing, including basic drawing techniques.

As per the statement issued here to News agency-Current News of India (CNI) The art workshop titled ‘Reimagining classrooms for the social & emotional well-being of children’ was organized in the Nehalpora education zone of
J&K’s Baramulla district, in which more than 50 students participated.

The workshop was an attempt to emphasize that educators must consider what kind of learning is most effective for students. The initiative is part of the student outreach program of JKPI, connecting students with opportunities to serve their local community.

AILF provided the students with free art supplies so that they had all the materials they needed to try their hand at art and improve their skills. The students were assisted by a trained artist throughout the workshop. At the end of the workshop, the students were given certificates of participation for their hard work and dedication.

AILF strongly believes that there is room to reimagine classes with a strong emphasis on drawing, painting, and other creative pursuits. Encouraging students to use their imagination can foster their academic growth, as well as their social and emotional well-being. Engaging in creative pursuits help children emotionally and mentally, and is a great way for them to combat boredom.

Our creative, fun, and interactive art workshops are designed for school children and engage them using various activities and art mediums. AlLF artists work closely with teachers to conduct art classes, workshops, and art camps in schools where students experience new dimensions of their imagination.

At AlLF, we don’t make children compete-we emphasize the importance of having fun and creating a supportive environment for teaching and learning.

It is important to foster cooperation rather than competition among young children with the goal of developing a community of children that respects and helps each other.(CNI)

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