Article 370 hearing: Our case is very strong, says NC Vice President

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No matter how many attempts are made to combine the decisions of August 5, 2019 with politics, tourism, G20 or construction and development, but what happened to Jammu and Kashmir on that day went wrong, said National Conference’s Vice President Omar Abdullah.

Talking about the withdrawal of special status from Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah said that the Constitution and Democracy was discredited.

According to news agency Current News of India-CNI, talking to the media persons on the sidelines of the ceremony held on the 23rd death anniversary of Begum Akbar Jahan, Omar Abdullah said that the National Conference will prefer to answer in the Supreme Court to the affidavit filed by the central government.

“Two petitions have been already filed by our party in this case and we will try our best to present our case strongly,” he added.

He said, our case is very strong, that’s why it took 4 years to start the hearing of this case, if our case was weak, the central government would have completed the hearing within a few weeks. “If the central government’s case was strong, they would have requested the Supreme Court to start the hearing of the case early, but this did not happen,” he said.

He further said that “there is a doubt that the Chief Justice and other judges came here and maybe they saw the atmosphere here and decided to start the hearing on this case.”

“Hope that justice will be provided to the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

In response to a question regarding the Uniform Civil Code, he said that no proposal has come out from the government in this matter yet.

“We have not yet seen the draft of the Uniform Civil Code, what will we oppose, let the draft come, if it goes against any section, we will oppose it and also take our stand before the Parliament,” Abdullah said.

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