Avoid asking DPAP workers for votes on the basis of independent religion

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Jammu:(CNI) Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) Chairman Ghulam Nabi Azad on Tuesday asked his party colleagues to refrain from seeking votes on the basis of religion, saying that religion has no role in politics.


He also asked them not to use abusive language against rival candidates during the Lok Sabha election campaign.


Azad gave this advice at a meeting of party workers in Kathua district after party colleague and former minister GM Suroori filed nomination papers from the Udhampur-Kathua parliamentary constituency.


Suroori (69) filed his papers before the returning officer in Kathua, taking the total number of candidates from the Udhampur seat to six. Five candidates, including former Union Minister Jitendra Singh, had earlier filed their nomination papers from the seat, which is going to polls on April 19 in the first phase.


The last date for filing nomination papers is March 27. Scrutiny of nomination papers will take place on March 28 and names can be withdrawn till March 30.


“My record of 45 years (in politics) is in front of everyone and I have never spoken against rival candidates during election campaigns across the country religion has no role in politics and once the elections are over “The successful candidates should keep their doors closed their homes and offices are open to meet people irrespective of their religion, caste or creed,” Azad said.


The former chief minister, who resigned from the Congress to launch his own party in September 2022, asked his party leaders to follow in his footsteps and refrain from using offensive language against rival candidates or using religion, region, caste and avoid asking for votes based on race.


“Every political party or government has good or bad things. You can speak positively or negatively about the policies of a party or government but don’t indulge in abuse of rival candidates. The public should know about the performance of the candidates and their parties. Let your vote be decided based on that.” Azad urged voters to support growth and development.


He also appealed to the media to stop inciting rival candidates against each other and said that “one (explosive) AK-47 rifle can kill 36 people, but one false news can kill thousands at once.” can kill”.


Azad emphasized the important role of effective campaigning in ensuring the success of party candidate Suroori.


The DPAP chief stressed the need to defeat those institutions that want to divide people on religious lines, as well as political parties that have failed to resolve issues related to Jammu and Kashmir.


Speaking on the occasion, Sarwari emphasized the importance of electing an MP who is committed to development and promised to fight for the interests of the people.


“My track record is clear. As a three-time former MLA, I have consistently served the people and fought for their interests.

I promise to resolve public issues in Parliament the current member the assembly is out of touch with the people, but I will work tirelessly for their welfare,” he said.(CNI)

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