Baramulla Market Faces Unscheduled Power Cuts

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Baramulla, 11 Sep (CNI): In this hot summer season, the unscheduled power cuts in several markets of Baramulla town have increased significantly adding to problems of businessmen.

A group of Shopkeepers of Baramulla told news agency Current News of India that unscheduled and frequent snapping of power has become a norm and during this hot summer season, power cuts are more usual.

They said the department is not taking effective steps to improve the electric supply as a result of which there is outrage among the Business fraternity towards the department

Shopkeepers of Baramulla town said when the department installed the meters in all areas, they promised a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, but that promise was not fulfilled.

Meanwhile business fraternity of Baramulla town has demanded the LG administration and senior officials of the concerned department to take serious note of these power cuts and take immediate steps to improve the power supply in this hot summer season. (CNI)

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