Batu Bajrangi Arrested, Accused Of Snatching Weapons From Police Vehicle

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Bajrang Dal leader and activist Batu Bajrangi, who is accused of playing a prominent role in Haryana’s Nuh riots has been arrested by the police last night.

Many cases have been registered against him, including riots, theft, and involvement in many crimes.

Batu Bajrangi is the chief of Faridabad Village Rakshak Bajrang Force and he is considered to be a close associate of Manu Manseer. Mano Manesar is involved in the murder of two Muslim youths.

According to the report, Batu Bajrangi is also accused of inciting the participants in Hindujal Abhishek Yatra on behalf of Vaishuv Hindu Parishad.

The FIR lodged against them said that Batu Bajrangi and his companions were carrying tridents and swords during the Yatra.

ASP Usha Kundu said his colleagues tried to stop Batu Bajrangi along with about 20 people who were armed and heading towards the Nalhar temple. “I directed the policemen to take away their weapons but they shouted slogans against the police and resorted to misbehaviour,” he said.

“When we were taking their weapons in our vehicles, they returned to the road and meanwhile another police party came and hid the weapons in the vehicles,” he said.

The police are currently investigating the Batu Bajrangi case.(CNI)

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