Beautiful Anantnag Places Require Govt Attention

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The Barang area of Anantnag district of South Kashmir is not less than any other resort in natural beauty but till now no special attention has been paid to provide accommodation and food facilities either by the government or the private sector.

Daksum, Smithan Top, Murgan Top, Kokarnag area is a tourist spot of Barang Anantnag which is rich in natural beauty. The Bering region consists mostly of dry hilly and desert areas, but in between there are several places that are exemplary in their beauty.

Some of these beautiful places include Daksum, Smithan Top and Mergan Top, which visitors liken as a hidden paradise.

According to CNI, the tourist destination of Barang Anantnag, Daksum, Simthan Top and Murgan Top, located just 50 km away from Anantnag district, is off the tourist map.

Daksum Kokarnag, Simthan Top, Murgan Top Anantnag despite being a beautiful places, the government has not included this beautiful valley in the tourist map.

Local citizen and social activist Advocate Abdul Rehman Tantary said that more than half of Kashmir’s population depends on the tourism sector for their livelihood. But even though the area is very beautiful, it is not considered by the government to get the status of a tourist destination.

Most of the people of this area are living in poverty due to lack of employment resources. If this beautiful place is included in the tourist spots, many types of employment resources will be created for the people of this area.

This area is not less than any other recreational place in natural beauty but still there are not many accommodation and food facilities from the government or private sector. The lack of toilets here is also a concern for people.

He demanded from the administration that at least a few toilets should be established here for the convenience of the people.

This area is not only beautiful, but there are attractive waterfalls all the time. Tourists who come here describe it as a unique place.

People who come here say that they have seen Kashmir, Anantnag and other areas of Kulgam, but they have not seen an area like Barang and call it a hidden paradise.(CNI)

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