BJP Ready to Secure Majority in J&K Assembly Polls: Tarun Chugh

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J&K marks a significant shift in the political landscape” “Dynastic politics of Abdullah, Mufti, and Congress are over in J&K


Srinagar : BJP’s National General Secretary and Incharge of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, convened a pivotal meeting today at Church Lane in Srinagar with party workers. The focus of the meeting was to strategize and strengthen the party’s grassroots presence in preparation for the upcoming assembly polls.


“The dynastic politics of Abdullah, Mufti, and Congress are over in Kashmir and India. The people have rejected family politics. They want change, and the BJP has provided that change over the past years and continues to do so. Our nation is moving forward with new leadership, and the old ways of ruling through family lineage are no longer accepted by the people. The BJP’s vision and development have resonated with the masses, bringing progress and prosperity. This is a new era for Kashmir and India, one driven by merit and dedication rather than heritage.” He said


Furthermore Chugh commended the J&K administration for its relentless efforts over the past years to transform Kashmir into a major tourism hub under Modi’s leadership. “I’m grateful to the Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji for granting J&K the chance to lead the International Yoga Day celebrations. This notable event has brought global recognition to Jammu and Kashmir” Chugh stated. “As Narendra Modi already said, for Kashmir, yoga can become such a big source of livelihood. It can become a centre of attraction for tourists.”


Chugh further said, “The region has seen a remarkable increase in tourist arrivals, with over 8.6 million visitors this year alone, reflecting the significant improvements brought under BJP rule.”


“The opposition has always doubted our commitment to Kashmir, but these numbers speak for themselves,” Chugh stated. “Under the previous governments, such progress was unimaginable. The Modi administration has truly revolutionized the region, bringing prosperity and global attention to Kashmir.”


He also pointed out that the influx of tourists has spurred considerable growth in various sectors such as handloom, handicrafts, agriculture, and horticulture. This economic upturn has led to Srinagar being declared a World Craft City by the World Crafts Council, a prestigious recognition that celebrates the city’s rich heritage, craftsmanship, and vibrant culture.CNI

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