BJP wants to copy the governance like Russia, China, Farooq Abdullah

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Jammu:(CNI) BJP wants to repeat the rule of Russia and China in the country, National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah claimed on Tuesday and said the Indian bloc has come forward to protect the constitution even “at all costs” our lives”

He also hit out at the Center over the Kachathivu island ceded to Sri Lanka in the 1970s and asked about China’s “continuous intrusion” in the BJP-led center of Ladakh and its claims on land in Arunachal Pradesh. Why is it silent? .

“The India Bloc has been created to protect the Constitution because there is a fear that the Constitution will be overturned (by the BJP) … here (in India) it will be the same as (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and China’s President ( (Xi Jinping) are sitting there. They (BJP) are making efforts because they want to rule the country for life (unopposed),” Abdullah told reporters.

“India will not allow this to happen and will not protect the constitution given by (BR) Amdekar, even at the cost of our lives. We will not allow this constitution to be buried.”

The National Conference leader was in Jammu with Congress candidate Raman Bhalla, who filed his nomination papers from the Jammu Lok Sabha constituency.

In this constituency, the second phase will be polled on April 26.

Bhalla – along with AICC’s Jammu and Kashmir in-charge Bharat Singh Solanki and Pradesh Congress Committee chief Waqar Rasool Wani – took part in a road show before filing the papers.

Both the Congress and the National Conference are allies of the opposition India Bloc.

Commenting on Congress’s criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to cede the strategically important Kachathivu Island to Sri Lanka in the 1970s, Abdullah took issue with China’s alleged interference in Ladakh and its claims on land in Arunachal Pradesh. pointed to

How much land does China have, why is it (the central government) not talking about it? China has occupied thousands of kilometers of our land and we raised the issue in Parliament but they did not respond. Let them answer on that first,” said the Srinagar MP.

There have been “18 or 19 rounds of talks” between India and China but “what has been the outcome of these talks because they (China) are moving forward and have even started changing the names of various places, which They are claiming that it is their part. Why are they (BJP) not raising their voice against it?” Abdullah said.
The National Conference president, who was the former chief minister of the former Jammu and Kashmir state, said that aside from Sri Lanka, “it is better to talk about our own land. Talk about the land of Ladakh.”

Asked about the People’s Democratic Party’s “disappointment” after the National Conference announced its candidate from the Anantnag-Rajouri seat, Abdullah angrily responded, saying, “Who told you they are disappointed? Did you hear him (Mahbooba Mufti) in Delhi? Farooq Abdullah, Umar Abdullah (Vice President of National Conference) and Mahbooba united. When he was told that the People’s Democratic Party had fielded a candidate against Mian Altaf of the National Conference. Sakthi, whose candidate was announced yesterday, Abdullah said that this is a free country and anyone can contest elections.

“Farooq (Abdullah) has no fear of him, the Indian bloc has no fear. We are strong and no one can break this alliance,” he said.

Expressing confidence in Bhalla’s victory from Jammu, he said, “We wouldn’t be here if we weren’t optimistic.”-(CNI)

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