BJP’s communal narrative weakening national unity: Rattan Lal Support INDIA Alliance Candidate Mian Altaf to out BJP from power

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RAJOURI April 25th: Rattan Lal Gupta, Provincial President of J&K National Conference today launched a scathing attack against the Saffron Party for its alleged attempts to sow communal divisions in the country for its petty political gains.

The senior NC leader was speaking during the election campaign meeting in support of Party’s candidate Mian Altaf Ahmed in Village Kaller Block Dongi of district Rajouri.

During the campaign, Ch. Naseem Liaqat, DDC Chairman Rajouri, Th. Rameshwar Singh DDC Dhangri, Ch. Khlaid Hussain DDC Dongi, Ch. Reyaz former BDC Chairman Dongi, Ch. Maqbool Hussain former BDC Chairman Dhangri, Yashu Vardhan, Additional Spokesperson JKNC, Vijay Lochan, Chairman JKNC SC Cell, Shafayat Khan District President Rajouri, Showket Mir, Rakesh Singh Raka, and other senior leaders of the Party were present.

At the outset of the meeting, Th. Rameshwar Singh, DDC Dhangri and Provincial Vice President JKNC Jammu, apprised the senior functionaries of the Party about the hardships being faced by the people of hilly terrain in absence of basic amenities.

Addressing the gathering, Rattan Lal Gupta, Provincial President lambasted the BJP for its relentless pursuit of divisive politics, which he described as detrimental to the nation’s social, secular, fabric and democratic ethos.

“The BJP’s continuous attempts to sow seeds of communal discord for its own electoral gains are deplorable and reprehensible. Their communal narrative is not only dividing communities but also weakening the very ethos of our nation.”

Reacting over the ‘Mangalsutra’ remarks of PM Modi, Rattan Lal said that the Saffron Party was seeking to indulge in politics of religion but would not succeed as people of the country with diverse religious traditions live in harmony. He said that BJP’s agenda of divisive politics will never succeed.

“National Conference has always stood strongly against divisive forces and will foil the machinations of those who were hell bent to destroy the multigrain social and secular fabric of the country,” he added.

Adv Naseem Liaqat, DDC Chairman, Rajouri, expressed profound disappointment with the present government’s indifferent attitude towards the populace amidst the absence of a popularly elected government. He underscored the government’s failure to allocate sufficient funds for the development of hilly terrains, resulting in the deprivation of basic amenities for the people residing there.

Highlighting the plight of the weaker sections of society, Vijay Lochan Chairman SC Cell, Ch. Khalid DDC Dongi, Ch. Reyaz, Ch. Maqbool, Khurshida Begum, lamented their continued neglect under the incumbent government. They said that these marginalized communities has deprived of their due rights under the Modi regime. They stressed the urgent need to support the National Conference (NC) candidate for equitable development, emphasizing that only through such support can the marginalized segments of society hope for meaningful progress and inclusivity in governance.

Thakur Yashu Vardhan Singh, Additional Spokesperson JKNC, Professor Vikar Rtd Principal and other senior leaders of congress said that the present Govt has miserably failed to do justice with the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. They said today the youth is in utter frustration due to unemployment, lack of job avenues, recruitment scams in the government jobs. They said that the BJP led Govt has pursued only anti-people policies with people able to see only a bleak future for them.

The senior NC leaders and Congress leaders appealed to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to get unite against divisive forces by extending full support to the INDIA Alliance Candidate Mian Altaf from Anantnag – Rajouri Parliamentary Constituency, in the endeavor to remove the BJP from power and restore the principles of inclusivity and pluralism in governance.

Among those who were present include: Rishat Khan, Nissar Ahmed, Tufail Hussain Block President, Qamran Tahir, Bansi Lal, Mohd Sadiq, Rattan Lal Mehta, Suraj Parkash, Vipan Pal Sharma Sarpanch, Ch. Ismail, Haji Aslam, Vivek Sharma, Rashid, Narjan Singh, Mohd Akhter and others. (CNI) Current News of India

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