BJP’s Kashmir Unit prays for Team India’s victory against Australia at World Cup Final

Srinagar, Nov 19: In a poignant display of fervor and anticipation, BJP JK spokesman Altaf Thakur organised special dua ceremony prayer at the hallowed shrine of Hazrat Syed Yaqoob (RA) in Sonwar in Srinagar.

The imminent and much-anticipated final match of the ICC 2023 World Cup, where cricket powerhouses India and Australia are poised for an epic clash.

As per the News Agency Current News of India (CNI) Thakur, echoing the sentiments of millions of cricket enthusiasts, beseeched for the divine favor and success of Team India.

The revered shrine provided the backdrop for his heartfelt prayers, symbolizing a blend of faith and sporting enthusiasm that transcends boundaries.

As the cricketing world turns its gaze towards this high-stakes encounter, Thakur expressed his unwavering optimism for a grand victory by Team India.(CNI) Current News of India

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