BJP’s Tarun Chugh Alleges Congress of Promoting Pakistani Interests in India

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Jammu,(CNI) BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh on Friday hit out at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and accused the opposition party of furthering Pakistan’s agenda by questioning surgical strikes and the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act.


Addressing a rally in Poonch, Chugh said every inch of Jammu and Kashmir belongs to India.


”Nowadays, the people of Pakistan are supporting ‘Rahul baba’. The reason being that whenever the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government conducts surgical strikes on Pakistan, kills Naxalites, terrorists, and implements the CAA law, Rahul Gandhi raises questions,” he said.


”If Pakistan’s agenda is being propagated in India, it is because of Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party,” Chugh said.


”Every child of the country can sacrifice their life for Kashmir,” the BJP leader said.


He also alleged that if the Congress came to power, it might put a ‘Babri’ lock on the Ram temple which ”will not be forgiven by the people”. In a dig at the Congress, Chugh said the party had kept Article 370 intact but as soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi took charge for the second time, he scrapped Article 370 and made Kashmir an integral part of India forever.


”Today, a new era of development and trust is visible here,” he added.


Chugh also attacked Gandhi for ”vacationing abroad” and said that in contrast, Modi has been continuously serving the nation for 23 years without any leave first as a chief minister of Gujarat and then as prime minister.(CNI)

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