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●27th Evening to 28th March F/N: Generally cloudy with Light Rain/Snow (higher reaches) at many places.

● 29th-30th March: Partly to Generally cloudy with Light to moderate Rain/Snow (higher reaches) at most places during 29th evening to 30th evening/night.

●31st March: Partly to Generally cloudy with intermittent Light Rain/Snow at few Places.

●1-5th April: Generally dry weather.


●Disruption of surface transportation over important passes.Travellers/Tourists are advised to plan accordingly particularly during 30th March.

●Farmers are advised to suspend farm operations during 27th (A/N) to 31st March.

●Possibility of Landslides/Mudslides and Shooting stones during above period.

● Thunderstorm/Lightning activity with possibility of Hailstorm & Gusty winds during 27 & 30th March.


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