Chandel said that BJP leaders of Jammu Kashmir have the capability to win elections on their own

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BJP does not need crutches, it should contest assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir under the leadership of Ravindra Raina


Jammu 18 June, / Senior Hindutva BJP leader Guruji Raju Chandel while talking to*”*”journalists in Jammu today said that in our Jammu Kashmir assembly elections, every*”*”soldier, worker, chowkidar of BJP is working strongly in Jammu Kashmir and they have the passion, strength and courage to fight elections on their own. Chowkidaars of BJP in Jammu Kashmir do not need “crutches. Workers of Jammu Kashmir are not handicapped. Some leaders want to make workers of Jammu Kashmir handicapped. BJP leaders of Jammu Kashmir do not need any support. They are soldiers of Modi and in the upcoming assembly elections in Jammu Kashmir, BJP will have to win the elections on its own without any support. *”Shri Chandel while talking to journalists said that I had already claimed that our promising and strong state president Ravinder Raina can win Rajouri Anantnag Lok Sabha seat but at some point people made us lose this seat and did not let brother Ravinder Raina contest the election*. *



*”Shri Chandel said that someone wants to hollow BJP from inside in Jammu Kashmir who is anti-Modi and anti-BJP and also benefits BJP leaders. That person always tries to mislead the central BJP* *”leadership and tries to make BJP leaders feel that they will not contest the election on their own. In this way the courage and determination of BJP leaders of Jammu Kashmir is weakened*. *


*”Shri Chandel told the country’s proud Prime Minister that the people will respect the* *”development work done by you in Jammu Kashmir. This time in the assembly elections, our own workers should contest the election from each assembly without any compromise, only then we will be able to form a strong government.*


*”Shri Chandel said that Jammu Kashmir BJP state president brother Ravinder Raina is a He is a strong personality and a strong soldier of Modi Ji. BJP should fight the Jammu Kashmir Assembly elections under his leadership. Only then will a strong BJP government be formed in Jammu Kashmir on its own strength because people from all sections of society love him from their hearts. Apart from him, there is no other big face in Jammu Kashmir whom the people of Jammu Kashmir love in large numbers.CNI

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