China adds 11 places to its map in Arunachal Pradesh, Changed its Names and released the Map: Reports

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Jammu, 04 April (CNI) :China has laid claim to 11 places in Arunachal Pradesh,this is the third time China has unilaterally renamed places in Arunachal Pradesh, It released two different sets of standardised names of these places also back in 2017 and 2021.

As per the reports, China has done this brazenly at a time when India held the G20 meeting in Arunachal last week. China has also released a map along with the name change.

The Chinese Civil Aviation Ministry released the official names of 11 places with precise coordinates. These include two land areas, two residential areas, five mountain peaks, and two rivers.

China has released a third set of names for cities in Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese, Tibetan, and pinyin characters in a bid to reclaim the Indian state. China’s Civil Affairs Ministry released the standardised names of 11 places for Arunachal Pradesh, which it calls “Zangnan, the southern part of Tibet” in accordance with regulations on geographical names issued by China’s cabinet, on Sunday.

China released two different sets of standardised names of Arunachal Pradesh back in 2017 and 2021. In 2017, when the Dalai Lama visited India, China released the first list. The Indo-China border dispute has been going on for a long time but the conflict seems to have deepened in the last few years. For a long time, the opposition has been questioning the Modi government at the Center on the LAC dispute, but the government has remained silent.

Several times the opposition demanded the government to discuss this issue in the parliament but the government did not agree to it.

Meanwhile, Congress president Mallikarjan Kharge tweeted, “China has dared to change the name of our regions in Arunachal Pradesh for the third time April 21, 2017 – 6 places December 30, 2021 – 15 places April 3, 2023 – 11 places.”
“Arunachal Pradesh is and will remain an integral part of India. After Galwan, the country is facing the consequences of Modi ji’s clean-chit to China,” Kharge said in a tweet. (CNI)

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