Commissioner SMC reviews Muharram arrangements, conducts tour of areas around Srinagar City

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Srinagar (CNI) Commissioner SMC, Dr. Owais Ahmed, along with senior officers from the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), and line departments paid a visit to the muharam observance areas of Zadibal,Baghwanpora Lal Bazar and Hassanabad to assess the preparations. The visit also provided an opportunity to engage with the people and area representatives to gather their valuable feedback and suggestions.


Commissioner SMC reviewed the macadamisation work of inner link roads which was completed in time so as to provide relief to general public of the area. This year 10 km macadamisation work was completed before time in the priority areas as part of arrangements for Moharram. Many lanes which were having potholes now have a fully macadamised route for public use.


Besides, Dr.Owais passed series of directions to the Officers regarding key aspects of the arrangements. One of the primary concern addressed was the need for 24-hour hooper services in these areas. This aims to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the surroundings, particularly during the on going religious period.

Moreover, the availability of uninterrupted water supply and electricity for 24 hours was also emphasized. This is crucial during Muharram when there is an increased demand for these essential services due to the influx of people for religious activities. The officers were directed to take immediate action to guarantee continuous access to water and electricity for the residents of Zadibal,Baghwanpora Lal Bazar and Hassanabad.


Furthermore, the repair and maintenance of street lights were identified as a priority. Adequate street lighting is essential for the safety and security of the public, particularly during the evening processions and events associated with Muharram. The officials were instructed to promptly address any issues related to malfunctioning of street lights, ensuring that the areas are well-illuminated.


The visit of Commissioner SMC reflects a proactive approach towards ensuring the successful conduct of Muharram observances in Srinagar City. By addressing concerns related to cleanliness, and essential services like water and electricity, as well as focusing on the repair of street lights, the Commissioner demonstrates his commitment to meet the needs and requirements of the residents of said areas during Muharram.(CNI)

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