Copper Crafts of Kreeri: A Profound Heritage which provides living for many people

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Baramulla, 28 March (Ashiq Tilgami-CNI) :The village of Kreeri is known for its rich tradition of copper crafts, a heritage that has been passed down through generations. Today, around 40% of the village’s population, including women, are engaged in this profession, creating beautiful and intricate pieces of art that are in high demand across the country.

According to Current News of India (CNI) , The art of copper crafts is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the people of Kreeri. From the smallest trinkets to the largest sculptures, these craftsmen and women have mastered the art of shaping copper into intricate designs and patterns, making each piece unique and exquisite.

The fact that so many women are involved in this profession is a testament to the progressive nature of the village’s culture. In many parts of the country, women are often relegated to traditional roles, but in Kreeri, they have been able to carve out a space for themselves in this male-dominated profession, showcasing their skills and creativity to the world.

However, despite the popularity of copper crafts, the artisans of Kreeri face numerous challenges. The lack of modern tools and techniques often hinders their ability to create high-quality pieces, while the lack of access to markets and fair prices means that many of them struggle to make a decent living.

As a society, we must do more to support these artisans and help them to overcome the challenges they face. This could involve providing them with access to modern tools and techniques, as well as connecting them with markets where they can sell their wares at fair prices.

We must also recognize the cultural and artistic significance of copper crafts, and work to preserve this heritage for future generations. By doing so, we can not only support the livelihoods of the artisans of Kreeri but also help to promote and celebrate the rich cultural traditions of our country.(CNI)

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