‘Country is safe under Modi’s leadership’,Says Amit Shah on 9 years of Modi government

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Delhi, 01 June (CNI) The central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed its 9 years this year. On this occasion, BJP is putting the account of 9 years in front of the public by campaigning across the country.In this sequence, Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah has listed the achievements of Modi government in 9 years.

Describing the 9 years of the Modi government as the year of security and national pride, Shah said that today the country is safe under the leadership of Modi ji.

Amit Shah tweeted and wrote, 9 years of Modi government have been 9 years of unprecedented combination of security, national pride, development and poor welfare. Today, on the one hand, the country is safe under the leadership of Modi ji and is creating new dimensions of pride in the world, while on the other hand, the government has established new standards of development and welfare of the poor.

Shah further wrote, Modi ji has raised the standard of living of the poorest of the poor by giving many basic facilities like house, electricity, gas and health insurance. For the first time this class is feeling itself connected with the development journey of the country. For the first time, the country has seen parallel development of rural and urban India.

While many developed countries have not yet emerged from the effects of the Corona pandemic, the rapidly growing Indian economy under the leadership of Narendra Modi has become a role model for the world. Taking modernity and cultural heritage together, Modi ji is working towards a self-reliant India with a determined spirit.

On completion of 9 years of the government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweeted and described it as 9 years of service. He wrote that every decision and every action of the government was taken to improve the lives of the people. We will continue to work hard to build a developed India.(CNI)

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