Devotees offered traditional “Khwaja Diggar” prayers at Naqshband Sahib Shrine in Srinagar

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Srinagar: At his shrine in the Khwaja Bazar neighbourhood of Srinagar, thousands of followers offered Khwaja or Khoja Digar on Wednesday to commemorate Khwaja Naqshband Sahib’s (RA) Urs.

The great saint Hazrat Khwaja Naqshband Sahib (RA) worked diligently to spread tawheed and put the Sunnah into practise among Muslims around the world.To propagate the teachings of the renowned Prophet Muhammad (SAW) among those who dedicated their lives to it, Almighty Allah blessed and chose the great Sufi saints like Hazrat Khwaja Bahaudin (RA).

Their lives serve as a living example of piety and simplicity. They guided humanity, taught them the way to a closer relationship with Almighty Allah, and encouraged kindness and compassion in them.The darkness of ignorance and uncertainty was pierced by the light of their teachings and heroic lives.

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