District Hospital Pulwama’ s Washrooms in Poor Conditions: Patients Allege

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Srinagar : Patients and their attendants who visit the District Hospital Pulwama have alleged poor conditions of the washrooms in the health facility’s chest ward besides lack of cleanliness creating manifold problems for them.

They told the news agency Current News of India (CNI) that many huddles were faced by them during their stay at the hospital after coming across several issues including broken taps, crumbled ceiling, filthy surface etc. in the washroom of the chest ward.

“It was no less than an ordeal for us (attendants) let alone what the patients had to go through. The conditions of the washrooms in the chest ward was abysmal, with no care for its cleanliness. Also the taps were broken and some had no water running out of them,” said an attendant of one of the patients.

He said that the interior ambiance in the washrooms was nauseating, which indicates that no proper sanitation is being followed at the health facility.

“I was in the hospital for around two days along with my father who was having some chest ailments and I found worse conditions of the washroom in the chest ward.

There was some leakage in one of the washroom’s ceiling and to collect the water seeping from it, a bucket was attached to a wall with a plastic pipe connected to it carrying that water to the wash basin. Instead of repairing it, a makeshift way was found by the hospital authorities, springing up problems for the patients and attendants alike,” added the patient.

They said that the hospital authorities should refurbish the condition of the washrooms so that the patients would not have to face any inconvenience.

While talking to the Medical Superintendent of District Hospital Pulwama regarding the issue, he said that the most of the washrooms of the hospital are in good condition except few where repairing is being considered and have included that in a proposal submitted to the District Administration.

Not accepting the complete fault of the hospital management, MS said that the people sometimes damage the property of the health facility and later project it as carelessness of its authorities. “We had kept a water filter for the ease of patients here but it was used for washing clothes,” he said.

“There might have been some oversight with regard to the issues in washrooms during the hand-over and take-over of the hospital, but we are in the process of resolving the matter,” he said. (CNI) Current News of India

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