Don,t betray your KP community just for your own political and personal interests : KPC

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It is crucial for all Kashmiri Pandit organizations, KP activists and other community people to reflect deeply on whether it was or is wise to support Kashmir-centric political parties in on going parliament elections, which have inflicted immense injures upon our community.


Does your conscious not trouble you for such actions,? Do you not feel that supporting these Kashmir centric parties equates to betraying our own people and undermining the struggle and sacrifices of victimized Kashmiri Pandits? Do you not recognize that these very Kashmir centric political parties are responsible for the destruction, killings, and targeted assassinations within our community? How will you justify your actions to the widows, orphans, and grieving families of the massacres at Wandhama, Nadi Marg, and other tragic events we solemnly remember on Martyrs’ Day?

We must remember the days of agitation, dharnas, demonstrations, and protests at venues like Jantar Mantar, Jammu Press Club, in front of the secretariat, Raj Bhawan, and Parliament. We faced immense hardship, demanding justice for our tormentors. Now, we are unfortunately engaging and reconciling with our oppressors without giving it the deep thought it deserves.


Tomorrow, if someone asks you to engage and reconcile with Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI), who would be contesting elections in Jammu and Kashmir, would you ? as these Kashmir centric parties are not less than JEI. All these Political parties have their own agendas. How does aligning with these forces serve our community?


Does your collaboration with such forces truly serve the community? It may benefit someone’s personal ambitions, but it will harm our community, which has been in exile for 34 years. Our homes were taken, our land seized, and our people deceived. How can we negotiate with our oppressors without the consent of our community?


What will the community gain from such actions of urging displaced community members to transfer their votes to the valley? Is this not a grave mistake that will harm our future generations? Such exploitation to community for personal and political ambitions is unfortunate and shameful act.CNI


[Kundan Kashmiri]

Community Sevak & President

Mobile No 880 2167955

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