DSEK withdraws recognition of private school in Budgam

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Srinagar, March 30 (CNI): The school education department has canceled the approval of a private school in Budgam for non-compliance and non-cooperation with the competent authorities.


According to News Agency – Current News of India (CNI), Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) in an order said that Chief Education Officer Budgam has informed that the inquiry committee constituted by him. has contacted the school administration to ascertain the facts.


The directorate also said that the school management concerned, however, kept the inquiry officers waiting along with CEO Budgam on February 24, 2024 from 10 am to 5:30 pm.


“CEO Budgam has also informed that the concerned school management provided the documents and materials without marking and without seal and signature due to which the committee did not know the factual position due to non-cooperation of the school management. Can put it”.


DSEK added that the principal of BHSS Budgam who was the departmental representative said that the school management of the school concerned showed no inclination to consider or implement the suggestions.


“The school till date has never taken a departmental representative on board for official school work which is mandatory as per established norms”.


DSEK added that both the officers have recommended strict action against Foundation World School, Mamat, Budgam.


“It has often been observed that the management of Foundation World School, Mamut, Budgam does not implement the instructions issued by the competent authorities from time to time, thus reflecting the anarchic and rebellious behavior of the school management,” DSEK said said.


It added that the criminal behavior displayed by the management of Foundation World School, Mamut, Budgam is highly objectionable and has been taken seriously by DSEK.


“Persistent misconduct by the school authorities requires immediate action to be initiated against the institution. Therefore, in view of the matter, the recognition issued in favor of the school is withdrawn forthwith,” the order read has gone—(CNI)

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