Emotional Scenes as First Batch of Hajj Pilgrims Arrive in Srinagar. Departs for Saudi Arabia

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Srinagar, 09 May: (CNI)Emotional scenes unfolded at Hajj House Bemina in Srinagar as the first batch of pilgrims departed for Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj this year.

Over 600 pilgrims are expected to depart from Srinagar International Airport today in two flights.

This marks the beginning of the holy pilgrimage for thousands of pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir.

Embraced by an atmosphere of spiritual anticipation, the pilgrims gathered at the Hajj House, marking the beginning of their sacred journey.

The reporting time for the first batch of pilgrims was set for 8:30 AM.

Amid tearful and heartfelt prayers, the families bid farewell to their loved ones as they prepare to embark on the holy journey.

The second batch of pilgrims are scheduled to report at 11:30 AM.

Dr. Shujhat Quershi, Executive Officer (EO) of J&K Haj Committee, said a total of 642 pilgrims are slated to take off from Srinagar International Airport.

He added in two flights, a total of 322 pilgrims each will take off today from Srinagar International Airport.

Pertinently, a total of 7008 Hajj pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir will be embarking on a holy pilgrimage this year.(CNI)

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