G M Shaheen Meets Nitish Kumar and Senior JDU Leaders in Delhi

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New Delhi :- In a significant move towards fostering stronger political alliances, J&K State President G M Shaheen met with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and senior leaders of the Janata Dal (United) in Delhi. The discussions aimed at reinforcing the collaborative efforts between the parties and acknowledging the contributions of the JDU in the national political landscape.


During the meeting, G M Shaheen extended his congratulations to the senior leaders for their persistent efforts and successes. He commended their dedication towards serving the nation and highlighted the importance of their roles within the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The dialogue emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration within the NDA, appreciating the JDU’s contributions towards nation-building and governance.


The discussions also focused on future strategies and initiatives to enhance the political and socio-economic landscape of India, with a special emphasis on inclusive growth and development. G M Shaheen extended an invitation to the JDU leaders to visit Kashmir, aiming to provide them with a firsthand experience of the region’s progress and to foster greater understanding and cooperation.


Additionally, both parties deliberated on various development initiatives, including infrastructure projects and social welfare programs, to ensure the upliftment of marginalized communities across the country. The meeting also underscored the need for empowering the youth through education, skill development, and employment opportunities, recognizing them as the backbone of the nation’s future.


G M Shaheen and the JDU leaders reaffirmed their commitment to working together towards a prosperous and united India. The collaborative efforts and mutual respect showcased in the meeting set a positive tone for future endeavors and political engagements.CNI

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