Government has ordered a security audit of official websites in a month

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Srinagar, (CNI) The Government on Wednesday directed the Managing Directors of Administrative Departments, HODs, Deputy Commissioners various PSUS, Boards and Corporations to update their departmental websites/applications for CERT- 


Ensure periodic security audits by agencies included in these panels in a month.

In a circular, the government said that the Information Technology Department has issued instructions to all administrative departments/Heads of Departments/Deputy Commissioners/Managing Directors of various PSUS/Boards/Corporations etc. to ensure their security audit from time to time Websites/Applications from time to time, at least once a year, as per security policy, guidelines and procedures framed by CERT-In and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in Government of India.


Despite the directive, the government noted that a “large number” of websites hosted at state data centers by various departments were still unaudited, resulting in an increased risk of cyber-attacks such as Also reported by CERT-In.


“Considering the criticality of the matter, it is directed to all Administrative Departments/Heads of Departments/Deputy Commissioners/Managing Directors of various PSUs/Boards/Corporations to CERT-IN their departmental websites/applications. Ensure security audits by agencies included in the panel within a period of one month, to protect government institutions from cyber threats,” the circular, in an order copy.

In case of failure, the government said the application will be closed/closed from the State Data Centre, which will be the responsibility of the concerned “Head of the Department.” (CNI)

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