Govt asks departments to streamline execution of developmental works

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Srinagar,July 6 (CNI):The Government has issued fresh instructions to its departments to streamline the execution of developmental works in Jammu and Kashmir. It has also asked the departments to review ongoing approved works on BEAMS and delete those which are non-starter or non-priority.


“As per Rule 136(1) of GFR-2017, no work shall be commenced or liability incurred until properly detailed design and technical estimates have been sanctioned, Administrative approval and sanction to incur expenditure have been obtained from the competent authority, funds to cover the charge during the year have been provided, tenders have been invited in accordance with rules and work orders issued,” reads a circular issued here by the government.


“In this connection, Finance Department, vide Circular no. No-FD/VII-Bgt/2020 dated 08- 07-2020, has issued instructions that no tenders shall be invited unless Administrative Approval and Technical Sanction have been accorded and funds are available in the budget,” the circular, a copy of which lies with GNS, reads.


However, the circular said that it has been noted that even after approval of the Budget Estimates, process of conveying Capex Ceiling, uploading of works/activities on BEAMS and release of funds takes time.


In order to streamline the execution of developmental works, the government issued several instructions and among others said that departments may tender such works for which AA/TS have been duly obtained and which are part of the departmental Works Plan as per the approved Budget Estimates and are within the prescribed Capex ceiling.


Departments may undertake tendering for the entire project after confirming the above conditions and issue work order based on competitive bidding process, it said. “The release of funds through BEAMS should be ensured prior to issue of work order.”


Subsequent funds shall be released as per pace of execution of work, it said.


“Further, the departments are advised to simultaneously review ongoing approved works on BEAMS and delete those works which are non-starter or non-priority.” (CNI)

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