Grand Celebration Marks Annual Urs of Kashmiri Sufi Saint Hazrat Sada Rehman in AnantnagAnantnag

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November: In a joyous celebration, the annual Urs of the esteemed Kashmiri Sufi saint, Faqir Hazrat Sada Rehman, was fervently observed at Anchi Duro, Anantnag. A multitude of participants, including representatives from various organizations such as Hayatul Nabi ﷺ Sufiya Movement, congregated to pay homage to the spiritual poet and leader of the Qadiriya chain of South Kashmir, Faqir Abdul Rehman Kelo.

The event, held in the native village Panditpura Anchi Dora, featured reverential ceremonies including Durood-e-Azkar Khamatat-ul-Masimat and Majlis-e-Samaa. Attendees, comprising teachers, intellectuals, scholars, and the people of Kashmir, gained insights into the life and accomplishments of Sada Sahib. The Mahfil Sama was adorned with the captivating performances of several Sufi singers, enhancing the grandeur of the occasion.

This commemoration, organized collaboratively by the Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture, and Languages, along with private organizations and the Ghousia Rahmaniya Welfare Trust Anchi Dora, highlighted the profound impact of Sada Rehman in elevating the Qadria chain to new heights. Farooq Ahmed Kalu Sahib, Chairman of Ghousia Rehmaniya Welfare Trust, played a pivotal role in advancing the mission of Sufism.

Chairman Hayat-ul-Nabi Sufiya Movement expressed deep personal connections with Sada Rehman, citing childhood spent in his arms and close familial ties. The commitment to furthering the Sufi mission was reaffirmed, emphasizing the role of the Ghousia Rehmaniya Welfare Trust. He added that the real form of Sufism should be given preference in society to reach the heights of understanding the purpose of life on earth. Local Committee of Shrine and Chairman also welcomed the Zaffar Ahmad’s thoughts and appreciated his working in the field of Sufism.

A heartfelt tribute was extended by various dignitaries, including President of The Hidden Human Research Foundation, Mohammad Umran, Chairman of Kashmir Gulokaar Society Gulzar Ahmed Ganai, Manzoor Zahoor Shah Chasti of Sufi Media Service, Mudassar Ahmed Butt of Gift of Sufi, Zahid Firoz of Gatah Manzgah, Purnam Shabir of Culture of Kashmir, and Muhammad Waseem Warsi of Sufi Virasat TV. and Voice of Sufism. Various Sufi artists performed, including Ghulam Ahmad Kachru, Mohammad Ashraf Teli, Athar Balipuri, and other associates.

The collective homage paid by these esteemed figures underscores the enduring impact of Sada Rehman’s spiritual legacy, ensuring the continued propagation of Sufism’s noble mission.(CNI)

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