Green india Mission has produced remarkable achievements in South Kashmir : CoF 

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Aman Malik

Srinagar, September 13 (CNI): Today  Conservator of Forests South Forest Circle  Irfan Ali Shah, IFS, reviewed the work of the Forest Department in Shopian Forest Division at Padpawan Forest Complex in the deliverance of Government work and the targets set for the current financial year.

The Conservator of Forests interacted at length with the Forest officers and Forest frontline staff, on various Deliverables, schemes and Government programs in forestry sector including Green J&K Drive, Green India Mission,Har Gaon Hariyali, Non Timber Forest Products policy implementation,Forests for recreation, fodder, livelihood, development of eco-tourism etc. He  directed the forest officers and  officials to work with full dedication and commitment for conservation and protection of Forests, wildlife and biodiversity with focus on Livelihoods generation through the people-centric approach of the department.

The CoF said “Green India mission is one of the missions that come under the umbrella of the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC). Every country has an obligation to arrest the downward spiral of climate change. Hence, India as a responsible growing global power took up the responsibility of reducing the deleterious effects of climate change by launching different missions under NAPCC.
Accordingly Green India Mission was launched in Shopian in the year 2021  to protect, restore and enhance forest cover”.

He said our focus in Shopian is to increase the quality of degraded moderately dense forests and to ecologically restore open forests that have suffered degradation here due to different reasons. He added that Grasslands and wetlands revival are other focus areas under this mission.

Mr Shah said “Efforts are also underway to ensure an increase in forest and tree cover on marginal agricultural lands/fallows and other non-forest lands which come under agroforestry in District Shopian”

The CoF further said that the scheme is provisioning services like fuel, fodder, and timber and non-timber forest produces and increased forest-based livelihood income of households living in and around forests. Traditional Ecological Knowledge of communities, along with forestry science and state-of-the-art technology would improve the Mission interventions.

While highlighting the achievements made under GIM, the CoF said that main thrust of the scheme has been on  components  like Improvement in quality of forest cover and eco-system of forests, Eco- Restoration of scrub, Improvement in forest and tree cover in urban/peri-urban areas, Adoption of improved fuelwood use and alternative energy devices, Diversification of forest-based livelihoods living in and around forests areas of Shopian Forest Division.

He said that during the year 2021-22, an area of 175 Hectares of forest land has been taken up for treatment under GIM in Shopian Forest Division. An amount of Rs 81.75 lacs were released during the year against which an amount of Rs 13.66 lacs were utilized at the end of financial year for procurement of fencing material.  He further informed that an amount of Rs 69.72 lacs were released during the year 2022-23 for balance work of 2021-22 and accordingly advance work was taken up during the year 2022-23 with fencing over an area of 151 hectares of forest land. During the year 93200 plants were raised and 5600 number of plants were planted in the fenced area. An amount of Rs 59.63 lacs were spent on advance work during the year 2022-23.

The CoF also said that during the year 2022-23, planting of 39350 number of plants were planted in the already fenced up areas with financial implication of Rs 6.786 lacs.

The CoF said in tune with  Government initiatives on generation of livelihoods,the Forest Department in last two years is also focussing on increase in forest-based livelihood incomes for hundreds of  households in and around the forest areas.
Under support activity, 814 beneficiaries of forest fringe villages have benefited covering 15 Gram Panchayats of Shopian Forest Division. 02 vermi compost of units were constructed in VFC Devpora and Zampathri and Rs 1.50 lacs approximately has been recorded as income augmentation per Anum to forest fringe families. Also free distribution of , Apiculture Kits 30 No’s, Tailoring Sewing Machines 10 No’s , Smart Stove (Smokeless Cholas) 50 No’s , Solar Lights with Plates 70 No’ Hand Pulled Trolly Iron Made 10 No’s, Grafting/ Planting Pruner Saw. Carbon Steel Khurpi and Pruning Knife 20 No’s, Grafting / Planting Secateur Pruner  20 No’s has been made during the year 2022-23 to improve the livelihood of people residing in forest fringe villages of Shopian District.

He said the Green India  Mission implementation mechanism in Shopian is quite  robust and largely  democratic in nature.At the district level, the implementation is being  done by the Forest Development Agency.The Gram Sabha and various committees are the key institutions for planning and implementation at the village level and works are being done through Village Forest Committees here.

He said at the inception  stage in Shopian, the activities  included micro-planning, entry point activities, nursery development, landscape identification awareness and outreach.Till now 03 no of high tech
Nurseries have been set up in Sangerwani, Shadab karewa Zaloora and one more new nursery is under development in Arahama near DC office Shopian where lakhs of conifer saplings, broad leaved and fruit  saplings  are being raised for planting on degraded sites and for free distribution amongst public for planting in their own private and fallow lands in tune with mission objectives.

The CoF informed that with long-term goals, the Green India Mission in Shopian District has the capability to fight the evils of food insecurity, climate change, water scarcity and livelihood insecurity of local and Tribal  communities here.

The meeting among others  was attended by ,Mohammad Ayub Sheikh, Divisional Forest Officer, Shopian Forest Division,Gh. Nabi Chohan, Range Officer Romshi,Fayaz Ahmad Mir,Range Officer Shopian,Mukhtar Ahmad Malik, Range Officer, Soil Conservation Range Shopian,Foresters of different forest blocks,.Mr Tariq Ahmad,South Circle office.Besides  above officers and officials, the concerned dealing staff was also present in the meeting (CNI)

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