Gulmarg Development Authority Issues Circular,Urged tourists-visitors to seek permission before installing Temporary Tents

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Gulmarg, 8 July (CNI): The Gulmarg Development Authority (GDA) on Saturday has issued a circular urging tourists and visitors to seek permission before installing temporary tents in the jurisdiction of Gulmarg. The circular comes in light of the increasing number of tourists who are installing tents without permission, which has led to the destruction of green meadows and the accumulation of excess waste.

As per the news agency-Current News of India (CNI) The circular reads “it has been observed the some tourists and visitors are installing temporary tents on green meadow, hill stock for night stay at Gulmarg without any proper permission from the competent Authority.

It further reads that this unlawful act has resulted in destruction of greens and accumulation of excess waste and puts tremendous pressure on the manpower causing inconvenience to the tourists, which has been viewed seriously by the authorities, and is against the provisions of Development Act 1970.

“Permission for installation of temporary tents in the jurisdiction of Gulmarg is subject to the various dos and don’t which shall be conveyed in the permission letter only. It has been observed that sometimes installation of tents in Gulmarg have created law and order problems and burning of fire and stoves inside the tents may sometime prove fatal and is life threatening.”

It added that in order to redress the above mentioned problems and to save the life of the tourists, and to maintain eco-fragile environment in the area, all the stake holders of Gulmarg Development Authority, visitors and tourists are advised to follow the rules and regulation and obtain proper permission before installation of tents, so that any untoward incident is averted, otherwise action as warranted under rules shall be tritiated against violators, reads the circular. (CNI)

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